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Our Story

Creation of the RIRÉRST

The Regroupement indépendant pour la relance économique de la région de Sorel-Tracy (RIRÉRST) is an NPO founded in 1999. decoration: line-through;”>The RIRÉRST, in collaboration with multiple local partners, aims to draw inspiration from the richness of the environment, including the Lake Saint-Pierre Biosphere Reserve, to create a new tourist destination of international scope, a source of business opportunities and socio-economic benefits.

Statera, an innovative tourist destination

In 2015, the RIRÉRST applied for funding under the new Maritime Strategy program – Tourism component. Then, in June of the same year, the Ministère du Tourisme announced they would grant $2.9 million to develop a loss leader for tourism: Statera, the Archipelago of Wonders. Thanks to this financial assistance, the RIRÉRST would realize this major tourism project in Sorel-Tracy in collaboration with XYZ Technologie Culturelle, chosen to design and realize the concept of immersive multimedia experiences. Statera, which means “balance” in Latin, highlights the fragile balance between nature with its four fundamental elements (water, fire, air, earth) and the industry which allowed the Sorel-Tracy region to grow. Statera, the Archipelago of Wonders, the new must-see attraction in the region, whose management is overseen by the RIRÉRST’s Board of Directors, welcomed its first visitors in 2018. Since then, Statera has become the major tourist attraction of the region and continues to innovate through the creation of wonderful experiences.

Lake Saint-Pierre Biosphere Reserve

On November 9, 2000, UNESCO recognized Lake Saint-Pierre, Quebec, as a biosphere reserve. Six years of effort and an unwavering faith in the principles of sustainable development have led to an entire region joining a promising project for Quebec. This title was obtained thanks to the tenacity of the three co-founders of the Biosphere Reserve: Normand Gariépy, Hélène Gignac and Louis Gagné.

Our mission

The mission of RIRÉRST-Statera is to position the city and region of Sorel-Tracy as an innovative ecotourism destination along the largest waterway in the world, the St. Lawrence River, in symbiosis with the Lake Saint-Pierre Biosphere Reserve, to develop and market an innovative tourism concept, a catalyst for destination strategy, an economic stimulus and a source of pride for the community.

Our vision

To be a must-see crossroads of the St. Lawrence River and the Lake Saint-Pierre Biosphere Reserve.

Our Values

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Generate positive impacts for the community;


  • Innovation: Propose an innovative project by being creative;


  • Partnership: Partner with community stakeholders to carry out the project;


  • Quality: Base its interventions on the highest quality standards;

  • Sustainable development: Respect social equity, economic efficiency and environmental quality to promote the ability of future generations to enjoy its facilities in connection with the Lake Saint-Pierre Biosphere Reserve.

Our Team

Thierry Migeon, Director General
[email protected]
450 846-2958 ext. 21

Angelica Maltais, Operations Coordinator
[email protected]
450 846-2958 ext. 12

Christine Diguer, Head of Programming and Market Development for Tourism/School
[email protected]
450 846-2958 ext. 11

Ginette Côté, Administrative Secretary
[email protected]
450 846-2958 ext. 13

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  1. Experience a virtual journey that is out of this world with our StateraFLY sensory stations!
  2. Embark on the StatRALLYE adventure, an amazing scavenger hunt aboard a pedal kart!
  3. Rediscover the Interactive Indoor Path, now enhanced with new projections!
  4. Watch our two new movies in the dome!
  5. Get the Island Discovery Special, which includes a 2½-hour cruise through the islands and a screening of L’homme dans la nature: contes et légendes des îles de Sorel!

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Discover the true nature of the Sorel Islands!

Discover an exceptional natural gem aboard one of our 3 guided cruises. A MUST when visiting Statera!

Dome experience

Watch one of our 4 movies projected on a 360° dome, with screenings between 11am and 7pm, or experience a session of Immersive yoga in the dome: an activity you WON’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE in Quebec!

Interactive path

Immerse yourself in the wondrous world of Statera by following our 45-minute interactive path, a state-of-the-art experience.

NEW! StateraFLY

Feel the exhilarating freedom of being a heron and flying over the islands with the new StateraFLY VR station!


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