The Archipelago of 104 Pleasures
The Archipelago of 104 Pleasures
104 pleasures to discover

The Archipelago of 104 Pleasures

Let yourself be awed by the 104 pleasures of the Sorel-Tracy region, less than an hour from Montreal, in Montérégie!

The archipelago of 104 pleasures makes you a promise from the outset; that you’ll have a good time. The 103 islands of the Lake Saint-Pierre archipelago will charm you and lead you to the 104th: Statera.

The Sorel-Tracy region holds a multitude of pleasures to discover. Whether it’s a pleasure for the taste buds in one of our restaurants or at one of our local producers, the pleasure of cycling, sailing or driving around, or any other guilty pleasure you might have!

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Nearby attractions

IO Experience

La première édition de l’événement iO Expérience se tiendra du 3 juin au 10 septembre. Elle réunira plus de 65 artistes de renommée nationale et internationale sur la scène 360° imaginée spécialement pour l’événement. La scène conçu pour faire vivre une une expérience immersive 360° est situé à côté de Statera sur le quai Catherine-Legardeur. 

Cabaret Les Années Folles

À quelques pas de Statera, profitez de la magnifique terrasse avec vue sur le fleuve du Cabaret. Que ce soit pour déguster un excellent repas d’inspiration italienne ou encore lors d’une soirée souper / spectacle vous serez charmé par son décor inspiré des années 1920.


A 5-minute drive from Statera, the Biophare showcases the natural and human heritage of the Lake Saint-Pierre Biosphere Reserve’s territory. The visite includes three exhibitions: The Lake Saint-Pierre Observatory, The Call of the Sea and The Nature of the St. Lawrence.

Maison du Marais

Just 20 minutes from Statera, Maison du marais echoes Lake Saint-Pierre as they invite you to discover some of its jewels, either walking the Maison trail, canoeing or kayaking the Lavallière Bay or the channels of Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel’s islands or going on a motorized boat trip.


Passion Planches

Just 20 minutes from Statera, right next to Maison du Marais, Passion Planches allows you to discover the wonderful waterways of the region, on a paddleboard. Rental, introduction, guided excursions, paddleboards and nautical equipment available for purchase.

Musée des Abénakis

Located 30 minutes from Statera, along the Saint-François River, the first Quebec Native Museum invites you to a captivating cultural encounter. Visit the exhibitions, Odanak’s church and chapel as well as Kiz8bak “daylight”, the arts and crafts shop. Near the museum, the Tolba “turtle” walking trail lets you discover the area’s wildlife.

The Unmissable Pleasures

The Lake Saint-Pierre archipelago and its 103 islands.

By boat, bike, kayak or paddleboard, an endless exploration.

Water nourishes the earth and brings out the best in us.

Our rural charm: people who are happy to share their heritage and know-how.

Mandatory stop: a getaway to downtown Sorel-Tracy..

Cocktails, patios, boutiques, cafes, concerts, delicacies, we are here to indulge!

The majestic St. Lawrence River: everything starts from there!

From the immersive Statera experience to the beauty of our shores: live the full experience of waterfront tourism.

UNESCO’s Lake Saint-Pierre. Biosphere Reserve.

Foray into the heart of a world-renowned protected territory.

Any questions?

Go further in your immersive journey

Discover the other three parts of this fascinating universe!

Dome experience

Watch one of our 4 movies projected on a 360° dome, with screenings between 11am and 7pm, or experience a session of Immersive yoga in the dome: an activity you WON’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE in Quebec!

Interactive path

Immerse yourself in the wondrous world of Statera by following our 45-minute interactive path, a state-of-the-art experience.


Feel the exhilarating freedom of being a heron and flying over the islands with the new StateraFLY VR station!